Careers at Copernicus

Copernicus Educational Products Inc., continues to lead the marketplace with their educational classroom teaching aids designed for "making teaching a little easier!" Copernicus has built their reputation over the years with their ongoing product innovation and classroom research practices. The award winning Royal Reading and Writing Center is used in more than 135,000 classrooms worldwide.

Independent Sales Contractor

Copernicus Educational Products, designs and manufactures both traditional and tech products with a key focus on the K-9 classroom. As a Canadian company looking to expand its market in the US, we require an Independent Sales Contractor. Anything you might want to know about us can be found on our website, At the core is this: we have one vision that drives everything we do, we simply aim to help make teaching a little easier. It is that straightforward.

Let's be honest, with your experience in the Educational Technology field you would know what makes a good fit in this industry. Experience in hitting revenue goals…check…growing new business and up-selling to existing dealers in the US…check….travel required….check. All of this is a given. What isn't known is your personality and how you would fit in with a company that loves education and has a very healthy respect for the environment.

So tell us, do your career goals and interests match ours?

We sincerely hope so. If this is the kind of company that you feel is a great fit for your aspirations, let us know.

Please forward your cover letter and resume to the attention of Scott Vandenberg,