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Assembly Instructions

Here are some step by step product assembly guides which feature corresponding photographs. Please click on the product name to view the assembly guide document. If you are missing assembly instructions for your Copernicus product, please contact us.

These are PDF files and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download

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AC401Big Book Clips (set of 6) Assembly Instructions
AUD1Assembly Instructions
AUD3Assembly Instructions
AUD3-DCSAssembly Instructions
AUD4Assembly Instructions - Rolling Audio
AUD4-DCSAssembly Instructions
AUD5Assembly Instructions
AUD5-DCSAssembly Instructions
AUD6Assembly Instructions
AUD6-DCSAssembly Instructions
BB005-18Leveled Reading Book Browser 18 Assembly Instructions
BB005-18-1Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser 18 Assembly Instructions
BB005-9Leveled Reading Book Browser 9 Assembly Instructions
BB005-9-1Assembly Instructions
BB5-TEC-B1Assembly Instructions
BB5-TEC-B3Assembly Instructions
BB5-TEC-PR1Assembly Instructions
BB5-TEC-PR3Assembly Instructions
BC300Assembly Instructions
BCS1Assembly Instructions
BE1Bamboo Easel Assembly Instructions
BTHC1BTHC1 - Assembly Instructions
BTHC2BTHC2 Assembly Intstructions
BTHC3BTHC3 - Assembly Instructions
CC3Assembly Instructions
CC6Assembly Instructions
CC6Specification Sheet
CD400Assembly Instructions
CS700Assembly Instructions
DCS1Specification Sheet
DCS1Dewey Quick Tips
DCS1Assembly Instructions
DCS1ADewey Positioning Template
DCS2ADewey Positioning Template
DCS2AAssembly Instructions
E3IN1Assembly Instructions
E3IN1Compatibility Chart
E3IN1Spec Sheet
ELS1ELS1 Assembly Instructions
GR220Guided Reading Assembly Instructions
IPT102Spec Sheet
IPT102Assembly Instructions
IPT102Compatibility Chart
IR400iRover iR400 Assembly Instructions
IR502iRover iR500 Multi Wall Mount Assembly Instructions
IS2IS2 Assembly Instructions
IS3IS3 Assembly Instructions
IS600Assembly Instructions
IS600Compatibility Chart
IS602Compatibility Chart
IS602Assembly Instructions
IS700Assembly Instructions
IS700Spec Sheet
IS700Compatibility Chart
IS700LRFrame Assembly Instructions
IS700LRCompatibility Chart
IS700LRAssembly Instructions- IS700LR2 60Wi2
IS700LRAssembly Instructions- IS700LR 60Wi
IS702Assembly Instructions
IWB100-ST/ IWB100-USTiRover2 Product Specifications
IWB100-ST/ IWB100-USTAssembly Instructions
IWB100-ST/ IWB100-USTCompatibility Chart
IWB102-ST / IWB102-UST iRover2 Product Specifications
IWB102-ST / IWB102-UST Compatibility Chart
IWB102-ST / IWB102-UST Assembly Instructions
LLS100Assembly Instructions
LLS300Assembly Instructions
LW430LW430 Assembly Instructions
LW430-18LW430 Assembly Instructions
LW431LW430 Assembly Instructions
LW431-18LW430 Assembly Instructions
PDR11PDR11 Assembly Instructions
PDR20Assembly Instructions
PDR21Assembly Instructions
PTE78PTE78 Primary Teaching Easel Assembly Instructions
RC005RC005 Assembly Instructions
RC105DCS3 iPad Mount for RC Series Assembly Instructions
RC105Assembly Instructions
RC105-ECO1Assembly Instructions
RC106DCS3 iPad Mount for RC Series Assembly Instructions
RC106RC106 Assembly Instructions
RC107Assembly Instructions
RC107DCS3 iPad Mount for RC Series Assembly Instructions
RC108Tech Easel Upgrade Kit Instructions
RC108DCS3 iPad Mount for RC Series Assembly Instructions
RC108Assembly Instructions
RC109DCS3 iPad Mount for RC Series Assembly Instructions
RC109Tech Easel Upgrade Kit Instructions
RC109Assembly Instructions
RC110DCS3 iPad Mount for RC Series Assembly Instructions
RC110Tech Easel Upgrade Kit Instructions
RC110Assembly Instructions
RC138Assembly Instructions
RC146Assembly Instructions
RRS4Assembly Instructions
SOSE1Assembly Instructions
SRC1Assembly Instructions
SRC2SRC2 Assembly Instructions
STEM100Assembly Instructions
STEM102Assembly Instructions
SWTAssembly Instructions - 2013
SWT1Assembly Instructions - 2013
SWT2Assembly Instructions
TAG2Assembly Instructions
TD5000Assembly Instructions
TD5001Assembly Instructions
TEC500Assembly Instructions
TEC500Specifications Sheet
TEC500Compatibility Chart
TEC500CAssembly Instructions
TEC500CSpec Sheet
TEC500CCompatibility Chart
TEC505Tech Tub™ Trolley Specifications
TEC505Assembly Instructions
TEC505BAssembly Instructions
TEC505BTech Tub™ Trolley Specifications
TEC505CTech Tub™ Trolley Specifications
TEC505CAssembly Instructions
TEC510Assembly Instructions
TEC510Tech Tub™ Cart Product Specifications
TEC510BAssembly Instructions
TEC510BSpec Sheet
TEC510BTech Tub™ Cart Product Specifications
TEC510CAssembly Instructions
TEC510CSpec Sheet
TEC520Assembly Instructions
TEC520Spec Sheet
TEC520CAssembly Instructions
TEC520CSpec Sheet
TEC57Assembly Instructions
TEC57Tech Tub™ Compatibility
TEC700Compatibility Chart
TEC700Spec Sheet
TEC700Assembly Instructions - TEC700-AUS (model for Austriailia)
TEC700Assembly Instructions
TEC707Assembly Instructions
TEC707Spec Sheet
TEC707Tech Tub™ Trolley Specifications
TEC714Assembly Instructions
TEC714Spec Sheet
TEC728Assembly Instructions
TEC728Spec Sheet
TTC1TTC1 Assembly Instructions
TTE100Assembly Instructions
VBC5600VBC5600 Assembly Instructions
VE550VE550 Assembly Instructions
WTW1WTW1 Paint Together Wall Assembly Instructions
XS005XS005 Assembly Instructions