Great Ideas

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#1 Teacher

Get your students organized!

Build a chair pocket to store their readers or agendas, etc.! To download your FREE instructions to make your very own,
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Find free teacher resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, tips and more.

Jessica Meacham is a First Grade teacher with over ten years experience and a member of our Educator Advisory Committee. Visit her website for teaching tips from A to Z.

Carol Schenk, Educational Consultant for Copernicus Educational Products shares some tips for organizing your primary and/or junior classroom.

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Time Saving Trick for Teachers!

On one of our school visits we encountered this awesome trick!  Use re-sealable plastic bags as liners for the paint pots in your Double Sided Art Easel (PDR11).  Not having to clean the paint pots out daily is a huge time saver for teachers.  

Let's take this a step further and make it more planet-friendly by using biodegradable bags found in most grocery stores. 

Get Growing with the Simple Sensory Center!

On a recent school visit, we discovered a kindergarten class had a great idea for their Simple Sensory Center (SWT)!  They used their Simple Sensory Center as a place to grow their own potatoes.  Take a look at their job well-done! 











Great Ideas Come Naturally

Kindergarten students learned about beavers and explored how beavers modify and shape their habitats. As a culminating task, students built their own beaver lodge using natural materials.  Another great alternative use for the Sand and Water Sensory Center.  We learned something new today too!

Beaver Dams