Royal® Reading Writing Center

(RC105) $445.00 Currency

Why We Designed This

The award winning Royal® Reading Writing Center's unique features help you teach more efficiently while engaging your students. This center is an essential teaching tool for all primary and junior classes.

See our Whiteboard Tips and Tricks.

    • Front magnetic dry erase surface
    • Rear removable double-sided dry erase board with lines on one side
    • Ultra-Safe Premium Book Ledge that locks into multiple positions 
    • Includes large middle shelf
    • Big Book racks
    • 2 Tiny Tubs
    • Snap-on chart paper hooks
    • 2 Magnetic Page Paws
    • 4 sliding Open Tubs with safety stops 
    • 3" casters, 2 foot-activated brakes


    • Frame Measures 56"(144cm) H x 31 1/2"(80cm) W x  32"(81cm) D 
    • Front Magnetic Dry Erase Board Measures 29"(74cm) H x 29"(74cm) W 
    • Rear Removable Magnetic Dry Erase Board Measures 25"(61cm) H x 36"(89cm) W  
    • Open Tubs Measure 12 9/16"(32cm) L x 15 5/8"(40cm) W x 6"(15cm) D (outer measurements)
    • Tiny Tubs Measure 3"(13cm) L x 3"(8cm) W x 4"(10cm) D 
    • Lifetime Frame Warranty 
    • Lifetime Tub Warranty
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